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Here is a list of benefits different departments will experience using the wood composite lock reinforcement block.



Perceived value

Made of recycled materials

Moisture Resistant

Innovative environmentally green product

Rot Resistant 

Increased screw holding power

Higher "R-value" in the lock reinforcement area

Overall stronger than wood, light weight and ease of machinability

No "foot print" (visible outline of lock block/transfer thru the door skin)

Increased sales


      Manufacturing/ Process

Tolerance consistency 


Reduced labor

Overall, stronger than wood

Reduction to total elimination of additional machining

 Elimination of scrap/defective lock block materials

No "footprint". (visible outline of lock block/ transfer thru door skin)

Reduced warranty claims



Competitive Pricing

Reduction of SKU's

We offer an extensive inventory for "just in time delivery"

Reduced use of warehouse space


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