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Companies implementing environmentally sound innovations reduce the use of natural raw materials, leading to increased efficiency.

Environmental awareness creates new business opportunities and helps increase the overall competitiveness of the company.

Manufactured with recycled materials, our product is an environmentally sound technology. Designed not only for its green attributes but also with manufacturing in mind by providing an engineered, precise component at a competitive price with the addition of perceived value to their product as a whole.

Neither costly rebate programs nor lowest possible price alone will increase customer sales, simply because your competitor is also using those same techniques. We believe creating “perceived value” should be a big part of the equation.

 When a customer decides between particular brand products, they first look for the obvious differences. When it appears that these brand products are the same, price becomes the determining factor. Rather than trying to push your competitor out of the market place with price alone, why not make the difference with “perceived value”.

The lock reinforcement is largely the only internal component a customer can see, making that area an important part of the overall quality a customer seeks in a product. Our patented composite lock reinforcement provides the customer with an innovative, high strength, environmentally friendly, made in the USA product that most definately will add “perceived value”.







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